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Advertising on Animation Portal

Why advertise?

The Web has grown larger and is evolving faster. And in this competition era your website/product needs Internet web exposure to be cost efficient.  Without a continuous avenue of hits, traffic and ultimately potential buyers to your product, your web presentation will stand only as an electronic business card on the world wide web. May be you have a best product in the industry but if you dont advertise then its difficult to know that you are still in the development or not and you can lost the potential buyers of your product.

Website advertising are used to expose your website to the masses on the Internet community.  If you have a website, you have considerable costs. To recoup the costs of a website and acquire a lucrative stream of traffic to it, an effective web advertising campaign will certainly fill the bill.

Advertising on CGArena

CGArena is a Graphics and Animation portal where people come from all walks of life (enthusiasts to students to professionals) to read quality industry news, tutorials, interviews, reviews, watching demoreels, videos, searching for jobs, evaluate other people's work and exchange ideas about animation, film, composting, editing and much more. To continue this mission and development of our portal, we would like to present you some ways to sponsor our activities.
  • Placing Banners on our website
  • Placing Full page ad in our E-zine (Bi-monthly PDF Magazine - 25,000+ readers per issue)

Placing Banners on our website

When any company, marketing/advertising professional advertise their own product on any website then their major concern is how much traffic this site will generate, will they be able to generate same type of traffic during advertising period? How much impressions to buy for successful campaign? Because of some news or through any gimmick, website can get too much traffic for particular day and bought impressions touch the limit in 3 days and worst is when coming visitors not belong 100% to this graphics industry, websites showing your banner on the bottom of the page to finish the impressions as soon as possible then what will happen?

But now CGArena will provide you that peach of mind. Because for banner advertising CGArena charge you on the monthly basis and also gives you minimum guaranteed impressions. That means your banner will run whole month on your desired location whether we get unlimited increase in traffic and also touched the minimum guaranteed impressions of your campaign (our banners also not blocked by ad blockers by default like on other CG sites).. If due to any reason we can't able to give the minimum guaranteed impressions in a month (which is hardly possible) then your banner will run absolutely free for days until we touch the minimum guaranteed impressions.

Below, number of minimum guaranteed impressions and prices are mentioned. So, if you like the minimum guaranteed impressions for the price offered then it's a win win situation for you. Minimum was not so powerful before. Your banner's will run on 99% of the pages (new,old) on your selected banner location.

cgarena banner locations

Banner Name
Cost (USD)
Minimum Guaranteed Impressions per month
Attention 1
(Top - Horizontal)
728 x 90
1 month
275,000 (275k) + newsletter inclusion ($ 1.07 cpm)
Attention 2
(Interstitial Ad)
600 x 400 1 month Please Contact Us
Attention 3
(Side Top - Vertical)
160 x 600
1 month
245,000 (245k) + newsletter inclusion ($ 1.01 cpm)
Attention 4
(Side Down - Vertical)
160 x 600
1 month
Fully Filled Not Available
200,000 (200k) ($ 0.90 cpm)

P.S - So, you are getting minimum guaranteed impressions and period both at the price of one. If you are getting a better pricing on the web for the same type of offer then please let us know and we will try to match that for you.

"Infinite-Realities highly recommends CGArena for their advertising packages that they offer. With a superb service and great professional manner. Since our main site has been advertised with CGArena with have had a huge increase in traffic and actual customer subscriptions. Thank you CGArena." - www.ir-ltd.net
"CGArena has been a solid partner in spreading the news about Eat 3D and its products. They have consistently brought valuable traffic to the site and is probably one of the best values for us on the internet." - www.eat3D.com
"Our campaign drove a lot of visits and had a solid conversion rate for memberships.  We were definitely getting a better ROI on CGArena than with similar campaigns at other sites." - www.renderosity.com

Placing Banners in our E-Zine

You can also promote your products in the CGArena E-zine (Bi-Monthly PDF Magazine), which mostly read by users in their free time on laptop/notebooks in Adobe Reader and that 's why more chances of your ad being viewed and currently having 25000+ readers per issue. Download your copy.

For any type of query/ please mail on Contact Us

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