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21.02.2014 Interview with Hasan Bajramovic

3D Artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina specialize in character modeling, sculpting and Texturing for games...


16.01.2014 Interview with Sami Group Studio

Sami Group Studio established in 2008, providing services in 3d modeling, 2D illustration, icons building...

sami group

16.09.2013 Interview with Jose Alves da Silva

Self Taught freelance 3D character artist from Portugal which develop their 3d skills 20 years ago.

jose alves da silva

02.07.2013 Interview with Dani Garcia

31 years old artist from Barcelona which having more than 10 years of expereince sometimes as a freelance...

dani garcia

30.04.2013 Interview with Rishi Raj

Interview with Indian artist which got the animation training in Vancouver and graduated the animation course...


12.03.2013 Interview with Jeremie Passerin

Jeremie Passerin currently working at Blur Studio in Venice, California. he is supervising the Rigging Department


27.02.2013 Interview with Isis Sousa

27 years old brazilian artist, all learning has been through trial and error and doing digital illustration

isis sousa

07.02.2013 Interview with Tomasz Strzalkowski

Tomasz working as an art director for Flying Wild Hog. In the past, he worked as a senior 3d Artist...


07.01.2013 Interview with Zynga (Farmville 2)

The behind-the-scenes video details how the Zynga team easily modeled, animated and rigged 3D characters..


21.11.2012 Interview with Markus Lovadina

Interview with 38 years old artist and Creative Director with more than 16 years of experience in advertising industry.

markus lovadina

30.10.2012 Interview with Francesco Corvino

Italian concept designer and digital matte painter working in Hollywood at the Aaron Sims Company mainly...


14.09.2012 Interview with Luca Gabriele Rossetti

Digital artist working in Feature Films and a concept artist, matte painter and having a good knowledge in...


31.08.2012 Interview with Ken Barthelmey

Young 2D artist from Luxembourg, working for several publishers and currently creating the stunning portfolio.


16.08.2012 Interview with Jonatan Catalan

Jonatan born in Spain and grew up seeing the Disney animated films. After working with various studios...


21.06.2012 Interview with David Lesperance

Currently working in Microsoft at 343 Industries as a Senior Environment Artist working on their Halo project.

david lesperance

29.05.2012 Interview with Kristoffer Waardahl

A newer entrant to the puzzle segment is Crytek, best known for first-person shooters such as Far Cry and Crysis.


30.04.2012 Interview with Andre Holzmeister

Interview with Brazalian CG Artist, which is Head of CG at Iceland 2nd Nation / CUBOCC, a production house.

andre holzmeister

19.04.2012 Interview with Donald Mustard (Creative Director - Chair Entertainment)

Donald Mustard, creative director and co-founder of Chair Entertainment, talks about the multiscreen future...

donad mustard

10.04.2012 Interview with Richard Arroyo

Interview with iAnimate instructor, his gaming career started 10 years ago at Ubisoft Montreal...

richard arroyo

28.03.2012 Interview with Rich Farley (Creative Director at Danger Close Games)

Creative director at Danger Close Games, talks about what’s in store for PC gamers and gives his take on...


21.03.2012 Interview with Taylor James

Taylor James unveils the iconic 3D image of a Pegasus, we will talk to the David Wortley, 3D Technical Lead...

taylor james

04.03.2012 Interview with Casey Hudson (Mass Effect 3)

The man responsible for guiding this bestselling space role-playing game, executive producer Casey Hudson...

casey hudson

15.02.2012 Interview with John Miles

John Miles, art director of Syndicate at Electronic Arts, talks about developing the new game and strategies.

john miles

9.02.2012 Interview with Dan Roarty

Interview with Lead Character Artist, currently working at LucasArts, also worked in various Game studios

dan roarty

16.12.2011 Interview with Marshall Womack

Interview with Environment Artist Marshall Womack, workins as Chief Creative Officer of Fossil Software, an iPhone..


14.12.2011 Interview with Joe Fenton

After studying sculpting at the Wimbledon School of Art in the UK, went on to work for a few years in the film industry


16.11.2011 Interview with Justin Holt

Justin Holt is a texture painter and worked on various films like Hulk, Happy Feet, The Kingdom, Rango, Twilight...


08.11.2011 Interview with Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh, a graphic designer in North Wales. He spent the last 10 years in various forms of graphic design...


24.10.2011 Interview with Paradox Interactive

It seems unbelievable that a company that specializes in hardcore, complex turn-based historical strategy...


05.10.2011 Interview with David Moratilla

Artist paid the special attention to the small details that's why his portfolio contains highly realistic portraits

david moratilla

30.08.2011 Interview with Motion Capture System Developers

Interview with the motion capture system developers from Egypt. We will talk about their dream project

motion capture

26.08.2011 Interview with Patryk Habryn

21 years old talented CG artist and matte painter from poland. Currently working in Lunapark Studio and working...

patryk habryn

03.08.2011 Interview with Mark O’Connell on The Art of War: Shogun 2

The way of the samurai, with its violence and pageantry, is one of the most romanticized martial traditions in the world -- and no video game has done it quite the justice that Total War: Shogun 2 has.

shogun 2

01.08.2011 Interview with John Carmack

Legendary developer John Carmack discuss his recent work on id Software’s forthcoming first-person shooter, Rage, lauded by many as the best-looking shooter ever made

john carmack

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