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Interview with La Main des Maitres Team

Hello, Three of you please introduce yourself and tell us about your background in CG.

Looky: Hello, Looky, 21 years old,  Scorpio, comic strip author ("Nocturnes Rouges" – Soleil prod). I started very early to play with CG, even if my favorite tools remain the sheet of paper and pencil, with illustrations I posted on graphic forums, such or, and amateur short films done in my spare time. Like this, I went to, and I'm still using Photoshop and AfterFX. I did the concept art of the project, most of the designs (characters, machines, places...), story board, light board... then characters modeling, matt paintings and 2D animation.

Hi, my name is Adrien “CaYuS” Toupet, I'm 22 years old, I'm keen of computers and movies. After high school, interest created in VFX and I spent one year in art school and three years in Georges Melies School. About my CG background before this short film, I only worked on a commercial as an internship during my last holidays. On La Main des Maîtres, I did the character rigging, 3D animation, and of course, the 3D VFX (cloth, particles, rigid bodies...)

Hello, my name is Clement Delatre and I'm 23 years old. About my CG background, well except Georges Melies School, nothing. On the project, I did the texturing, surfacing, rendering, props, modeling and compositing.

Please tell us about the story of your short film and from where you get the inspiration or motivation for this story?

Looky: A graphical direction from the early twenty century, the “Art Nouveau” and “Victorian” style. But also a feeling of industrial revolution and social revolution with the class struggle. In all this, an artist more than other had influenced us... and it is of course the famous painter Alfons Mucha; it was our main source of inspiration. From this, everything went to Steampunk which let us more of craziness and freedom with the genre.

CaYuS: It was very exciting, doing our film, telling what we wanted to with the tools we liked. The problem was about the timing. Shorter the film, the better it will be, as we wanted to have a quality result and spend the necessary time on each shot. Nevertheless, it was not easy to tell a full story in such little time.

Clément: In the sound room of the school in the preliminary gatherings, just to check if the three of us could do it. At the end of the meeting, it went beyond our expectations because we wrote the whole storyline of the movie (laugh).

About the inspirations, I personally wanted to do a film about war and revolution, because it is a period, despite the horrors that is represents, interested me a lot; it is a rich subject in terms of graphics and history.

Can you please explain to the readers what the hands symbolize and what they are doing in the story and how they are helping the workers in claiming the existence?

Looky: Hands of the machine are directly in reference with the title of the short “La Main des Maîtres”. We could translate it in english like “masters' hand” and we can have various explanations.

The main one is the machine used by our workers: this sort of “bio-photocopier” allowing a person to control thousands of mechanicals hands with his own mind. A propaganda machine of the government, hacked by the workers to be used on their sight.

Another explanation could be a comparison between hands of the machine, doing whatever the “central mind” wants, and the workers suffering for the desire of the main government. This type of scenario, closer to Metropolis, could be referred to these times. Our rich countries buy and use products without knowing anymore where there from, how there were done. This products done by exploited people we have already forgotten the existence, when, for example, we buy a disposable shaver. This is an important reflexion used in our short film.


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