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Interview with Luca Gabriele Rossetti

Interview with Luca Gabriele Rossetti

Q. Hello Luca, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in CG and are you self-taught or have taken some training?

lucaGood morning, and thank you for having the opportunity to make this interview. Well, my name is Luca Gabriele Rossetti, and I am a digital artist working in Feature Films. I am a concept artist, matte painter and I have a very good knowledge in compositing as well, which was my previous role.

 My passion drove me to work quite hard. Of course, I did have some training, starting with the only certified Softimage 3D school at that time. Then, as I grew up I changed to others training courses and then went abroad, always wanting more and more throughout.

Q. For all those, who are new to the art of Digital Matte-Painting, can you briefly explain about this form of art? Could you give us a small look into what exactly a matte painter does oppose to just a painter?

Matte painting is an old VFX technique that has been used since the early days of cinema. Originally, it was an environment or set extension painted on glass, with a matte or “alpha” that helped make the way it blended with the real scenario more believable. Nowadays, it’s completely digital and used for Photoreal 2D painting, as well as making 3D renderings more realistic.

The roles of a matte painter today, is quite evolved, paint has now been superseded by digital images created using photo references, 3-D models, and drawing tablets. Matte painters combine their digitally matte painted textures within computer-generated 3-D environments, allowing for 3-D camera movement.


Q. Have you always been artistic from childhood? Or did it start to appear later in life?

My zodiac sign is Aquarius and I can confirm I've got all the characteristics of this sign. I've been always full of fantasy in my brain, unfortunately I unleashed all my energies and creativity later in my life, perhaps, because my parents which they drove me to a normal path of schools avoiding any kind of school of art...but as you know, to be a parent sometimes it is not easy...Especially to identify your skills when you are just a tiny chicken!!

I reckon, my parents, still today, don't understand my job today, eh eh, but, at least they can feel I'm happy with that, which is good.

Q. You are a Digital Matte Painter, VFX Art Director, Digital Compositor, and VFX Supervisor… which area you enjoy the most and why?

In my opinion today, is good to have different skills, even if is better to be specialized in a proper way. I did not plan to be in so many different roles, it was just happening. I am more creative than technical, even if you need to understand the whole vfx process, and learn as best you can what you need for; indeed, the artistic side is the role I really prefer.

I love to work in pre-production pushing ideas for concepts, and bring them till the final shot, so I guess to be a concept artist and a matte painter is the role I feel better to be.

Thinking forward, definitely, the role of an art director could be the position I would like to cover as main role, but for now, I still enjoy to push my hands on the plate, and you know, often, more your role is a kind of decision maker, much more you have to use your brain instead your hands.

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Q. Can you describe your typical workflow when you’re working on a project, whether it be personal or for a client?

That's a good question, because every project is different, different people, different things to do, but, at the end of the day, you learn from your experience to be a kind, improving your personality.

I could say you define yourself in some ways, trying to drive the job workflow in the best way you can. The first thing to figure out is what the project is about, and starting to investigate if the studio or the pipeline is ready to support your needs, and at the same time, be sure to reach the goals you are asked.

If we are talking a matte painting role, we do need to consider a good library with references, matching with the set and the elements they shooted. References are vital for concepts, matte paintings and 3d as well without wasting time digging around....

Compositing as well is prior to have a good pipeline with in house scripts, gizmos or stuff like that to keep the workflow quick and light. I have my personal stuff every time I travel, I guess is the best way as back up in case....

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