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Interview with Markus Lovadina

markus lovadina

Hello Markus, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in CG and are you self-taught or have taken some training?

maloHi there. First off – thanks for showing interest in me and in my work as well. There’s really not much to say about me. I’m 38 years old and still a child at heart. I started with CG or better digital painting 2 years ago. Before that I worked mostly traditionally every here and now.  I’m pretty much self-taught. For sure I watch some tutorials and still do it, but mostly a trial and error thing.

Please tell us about your current jobs. You are painting from so many years, so you have started it just as a hobby or did you see the potential for your career?

I’m currently working as a Creative Director Art in the advertisement industry and as a freelance concept artist / illustrator. Well – I started painting or doodling pretty early as a young boy. If I remember right - I always wanted to do some art related job. I tried to get accepted to the Munich Art Academy – but never made it up there. So I started working in the advertising industry and kept on drawing for myself.

Please tell us what the role of the Creative Director and for which works Creative Director is responsible.

Good question because this differs from Company to Company, from Agency to Agency. In my current company, I’m responsible for the entire creative output. Which means that I have to take care about the initial concept and the first visual development. Later on I have to take care that the quality standards are always on the same level and for the consistence of the visual language as well. Our studio is not only restricted to classical print products, the portfolio contains 3D artwork and video editing as well. So you really have to get used to a huge variety of applications and workflows.

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You are working as a Creative Director in the advertisement industry for last 16 years, please tell us in terms of work how this is different from the other creative industry like movies, games.

I guess the biggest difference is the content of the work. No matter if it’s the advertising, the game or the movie industry you really have to struggle with the same difficulties – e.g. timelines, budget and last but not least different tastes. On the other hand side, sometimes advertisement could be easier because you have an already defined content or a product what should be advertised. While in the game industry you have to build up things from scratch. But for all really one thing counts – THE IDEA.

Do you do any preliminary drawings before you start painting, or do you just start and see what happens and how long on average would you spend on an image?

This really depends on the image I paint. Sometimes I start with a pretty rough sketch (mostly for character / creatures) and on the other hand, I just start a painting with blocking in rough shapes.  I really prefer the second way for my landscapes. Basically most of my images are done between three and four hours. For sure – some of them are intensive time killer and some are going down on canvas pretty smoothly and fast.


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