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Your paintings are very humoristic appealing and portray your sense of humor, so to create the good illustration is this necessary to have good sense of humor?

Yes. I like to bring a little humor to my work. I think this is something that I naturally bring because have a connection and a taste for it. I always liked the realism and humor, and cartoons can born from a good combination of these elements. I also try to bring this mixture in my cartoons. For a good illustration each artist must respect their interests and put something really personal in their work. My work has to convey something of mine that people can understand.

Can you share some tips of painting with our readers and what’s the common mistake you mostly notice in newbie artworks?

The most common mistake I see in the new artists, mainly in digital artists, is that they are too worried in learning the tools and end up leaving out what is really important: To develop their artistic perception. That’s what gives us support to make good use of the techniques and tools we learn and that’s what really differentiates us from each other.

We must also evaluate our motivations. Many begin studying simply by aiming recognition and fame when it should just be a consequence for those seeking knowledge and personal development.


Which you favorite work till now and can you share more inside details of the project?

It is difficult to define one single favorite work. Every job has its particularity that makes it interesting for some reason. However, in the second half of the last year did a job that I like very much. This illustration joined the work of 50 other artists to compose a book that was a tribute to the greatest Brazilian cartoonist, Mauricio de Souza. The book is called MSP +50 and I made a cartoon with a version of one of his characters, Chico Bento. This was a special job for me, because besides having enjoyed the result of my cartoon, it gave me the opportunity to meet Mauricio, an idol for me.

It was quite a difficult job in an aspect, while easy because of the motivation I had to do it. The difficulty came in two stages, first to define an idea, and second to define the trace of what I’d do. At first I thought to keep the original Mauricio trace and work only with a differentiated painting, bringing volume to his character, that usually have a flat finishing, with no light definition. Finally, I decided to create my own design, respecting the some key features from the character such as clothes and big front teeth, to keep the identification.

In this work I first used a different Photoshop resource to create a more realistic sensation of depth, the lens blur filter. For that, I painted the separate elements in layers and then created an alpha channel with the depth information of the scene for the filter, as done in a 3D rendering DOF pass. Attached, my Chico Bento (Chuck Billy, in english?) cartoon, the original references and alpha used as the depth of field information to the lens blur effect).

What other interests do you have that help influence your work and keep you motivated? How is the CG Market in Brazil?

I have a great interest for cinema especially for animations. Every time I see a good movie it motivates me to paint. Many times I leave the cinema eager to get home and draw.

Brazil has a good market for CG within the area of advertising for some time. Fortunately I have realized that this market has grown and expanded into the areas of film, and games.

We have grown in demand and hand labor supply. With the expansion of the Internet market, territorial barriers have fallen and now we have many artists working on different parts of the world. Many moved to other countries and many offer their hand labor from here.


Which hardware and software you use for your painting?

I work on Photoshop CS3 with a large size Intuos 3 tablet. I am kind of ignorant in the field of computing, and have to admit I do not know the exact configurations of my computer at work. I know it is a PC with Windows XP 64, with 6 gigs of ram. At home working on an iMac.

Any tips for the upcoming artists which like to start career as illustrator!

I always say that someone who wants to start a career has to respect their personal interests and that’s not different for illustrators. I say that because it takes great dedication to be a good artist, and if you don’t like or are not comfortable with what you are doing, you will not be able to devote yourself enough and will end up giving away.

Anything you like to add? It is your chance now to state your opinion about anything?

First of all, I would like to thank CGArena for the opportunity and congratulate all of the responsible for this space from developers and administrators up to the artists who attend the forums and expose their work.

I also would like to use this opportunity to bring a reflection on a modern phenomenon I have noticed lately. With the ease and speed of communication today, mainly because of the Internet, I see an emerging generation of young masters and young idols that are often not such in fact or at least are not prepared to be.

It is worth to think about these events because in addition to affect the young people who suffer from poor administration of early fame and recognition, this fact hampers a new generation that inspires these young idols and end up off the goal, that is learn, binding only on the consequence, the recognition. This is something I’ve noticed on some people close to me and in some forums within and outside Brazil.

It is worth to remind that many of the great geniuses of painting and general arts were recognized as such only years after their deaths. I’d like to reinforce that the most important thing for us is we put in place to learn and get it before anything else.

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