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Interview with Zynga (Development Team Behind Farmville 2)


Zynga recently invited Autodesk to visit its San Francisco headquarters to interview the development team behind Farmville 2, the sequel to the popular casual 2D game Farmville.The creative team discussed the studio’s new 3D pipeline, which it credits for the new look of Farmville 2. The behind-the-scenes video details how the Zynga team easily modeled, animated and rigged 3D characters and environments to build an engrossing universe for gamers.

On-camera interviews feature insights and opinions from the following Farmville 2 team members: Director of Design Wright Bagwell, Lead Animator Ryan Hood, Art Director Daryl Anselmo, Sr. Technical Artist Brian Huffman and General Manager of Shared Technology Richard Rabbit.

The video covers several topics:
• The evolution and future of casual gaming
• An inside look at the creative thought process and design behind Farmville 2
• Building a 3D pipeline with Autodesk 3ds Max and the Flare3D plug-in for Flash
• 3D character design, development and animation for Farmville 2

If you’re curious about Farmville 2 players, check out this infographic highlighting player engagement and notable milestones in FV2.


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