Journey 2: small is large & large is small

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Journey 2: small is large & large is small

Postby ashras99 » 05 Mar 2012, 11:02

In Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, director Brad Peyton enlisted visual effects supervisor Boyd Shermis to oversee 430 shots for the native stereo production set on a mythical island where creatures and environments are not what they seem. “In this film all kinds of wonderful and mythical things happen,” says Shermis. “There are all kinds of creatures, a hurricane, getting into the island, a bee chase, a giant lizard, an eel attack and then the island even sinks into the ocean.” Several vendors shared the workload, including Scanline, Pixomondo, Method Studios, MPC, Rising Sun Pictures, Trixter and ICOVFX. Previs duties were handled by The Third Floor and Pixomondo. We chat to each of the lead studios about their major shots.

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