Experienced 2d artist freelance looking for work

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Experienced 2d artist freelance looking for work

Postby Charochai » 27 Jan 2012, 03:53

My name is Chai,2d freelance graphic designer for any 2d artwork check out for more information charochai.com
So far, I am working on many OS device
- Windows Mobile Games
- iPhone games.
- iPad games.
- PC games.
- Android games.

I can offer you.
- Game sprite sheet such as characters
- Character Design
- Character Sheet
- Game GUI
- Game screen workflow design
- Cover art and splash screen
- and more...


Commission price
Very competitive and negotiable.
Please send me the details for artwork then I will quote the price for you.
I will send the invoice to you after we agree with the price and details.

Term of payment
50% for first installment
30% After work 80% done.
20% After work 100% done.

Payment via PAYPAL only.

Final File format will be PNG file format.
Image sequence files for sprite character.
If you have any question or request please check out http://www.charochai.com
or contact me [email protected]

I am glad to help you
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