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Would you like to create tutorial for CGArena?  Just create a tutorial in Max, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Zbrush, Softimage XSI or Mudbox and get Attention in the Computer Graphics community. Please send an email to discuss your idea before start creating the tutorial/making.

After Effects

arrowVideo Tutorial: How to rectify Rolling Shutter Problem

In this 12 min video tutorial Chandan will show you how to rectify a rolling shutter problem in After Effect and Premiere.

arrowVideo Tutorial: How to create Richter Scale Effect

In this 6 min tutorial Chandan will show you how to simulate a Richter scale like effect using the default expressions in AE...

richter scale

arrowVideo Tutorial: Learning Fusion for After Effects Users - Part 2

This is a second part of the video tutorial series which helps the AE users in learning Fusion. Hope you will enjoy these another...


arrowVideo Tutorial: Learning Fusion for After Effects Users - Part 1

This two part video series is very useful for them who want to migrate from After Effects.

learning fusion

Video Tutorial: Advanced Tracking using Mocha

In this 10 min video tutorial learn how to do an advanced tracking in Adobe After Effects using the plugin Mocha.

advanced tracking using Mocha

Video Tutorial: Back light effect on the Footage

In this 8 min video tutorial shows how to give a back light effect to a character if there is no physical light there actually to illuminate him.

backlight effect on the footage

Video Tutorial: 2D Compositing

Learn how to add a depth in a still images and this simple trick will help you in adding life in your boring still images

2d compositing

Video Tutorial: Car Wheel Rotation Expression

Learn how to rotate the car wheels according to the movement of the car using expressions in After Effects

car wheel expression

Video Tutorial: Convert B&W to Color

In this 9 min video tutorial learn how to convert a black and white footage to colored footage in Adobe After Effects

black and white to color conversion

Tutorial: Procedural Carpaint

Speed Racer is smashing summer´s box offices and we think this tutorial in max and AE will also blow your mind

procedural carpaint

Tutorial : Animating Spirograph

In this tutorial create spirograph style animation using any version of Illustrator and After Effects


Tutorial : Ipod Lightining Streaks

This tutorial we will create lighting streaks like you have seen in the latest commercial of Apple Ipod Nano

Tutorial : Old Film Look

In this tutorial learn how scratches are created in post producton on the print of the film

Tutorial : My Heart goes Mmmm....

If you are an animator and dont have time to buy gift for valentine then create some lovely effect

Video Tutorial : Wiggly Text

Create a wiggly text effect in After Effects and then export in flash for website banners of any occasion

Video Tutorial : Advanced Keying in After Effects (No Audio)

Learn easy and professional keying through Academy Award Winning Plug-in "Keylight" available in After Effects Pro

Tutorial : Flip the cards in space through Card Wipe

We will create a effect witht the help of Card Wipe Effect in After Effects. To achieve this effects you require two pictures. One for the front and second you want to show when flip...

Tutorial : Matrix like effect through Card Dance

Open After Effects and create a new composition (640 x 480) and set the duration to two seconds. Name the composition Ripple and press OK...

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