Video Tutorial: Box Modeling a Male
by Harsh Borah, Vancouver, Canada

These are In-Depth timelapse videos of my process of modeling a realistic male figure. I used box modeling technique for this particular piece. Started with a cube, roughing out the whole body, then separating rough mesh into different parts. Like Torso, Head, Arms, Legs and further detailing each part separately. Here you can see how i visualise the human form and constantly check the proportions using real life refrences and images. Some tools that comes handy while modeling are: Soft Modification Tool, MJPolytools, Sculpt Geometry Tool.

1. Starting from a cube and roughing out the body. Click for Video (20.5 MB)

2. Separating body parts and concentrating on particular parts.
Click for Video (45.8 MB)

3. Further detailing of torso with addition of muscles
Click for Video (30.5 MB)

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