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Making of the Abandon Factory by Romi Valentino, Indonesia

making of the mall

Hi all friends, Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial, hopefully useful to all and can inspire all the friends who want to learn 3d, especially those friends which are just learning 3d... This image is created for one challenge. The main basic in this scene is to make some out of the box concept, that not being ordinary and it’s contain a lots of detail...ok then so let's get started!

First of all before making a scene, which I did, was create a workflow. By creating a workflow you have a solid foundation for continued further action.

1. Basic concept

At the beginning of my work, I don’t have the Strong basic foundation. My basic concept must be unique, detail and unusual. I need to find keywords that are appropriate to move forward. So I found a keyword = FACTORY. With that keyword, I could save time for work and not keep thinking about things outside my concept. That’s why if you have strong concept, you don’t need to care anymore about the object reference kit from people give to you. You can form a strong circle of imagination form your basic concept.

2. Theme of Basic concept

FACTORY word has lots of concept - new open factory, cars factory, destroy and burn out factory like steampunk theme. In my case, I study and collect photos in my own neighbourhood, 3 types of factory in my town, books and internet reference. This is not easy, there’s a superb massive concept about factory theme… this need more time...


3. Personal Concept Achievement

After researching and collecting some idea, we mixed all the data research collection....and...I found the good theme = old rustic and silent area factory, which is not used anymore. At this stage, I don’t worry about the detail, object or anything that need more time to think, because I have strong basic concept that includes area, environment, detail, accessories and structure building itself.

4. 3D Realization

Finally, I moved to making 3d realization scene. In this part, i need to sketch, which way or which angle view camera that can use, and which part form a reference kit that I need to modify.

my workflow

1. Image no 1 is good, but lack the view and environment. If I attach more tree, add texture, put sunlight etc? It will be more chaotic, I don’t like the fact that lack of space, in this view, makes more jobs to add more texture and tree.

2. Image no 2 is usually doing with night scene style. It’s fit with grass, even pool. But, where can i put rustic and all parts? I guess its more space. The Good News is, after spending 2 hours on it I can finally take the deeper breath because the camera angle is nicer here.

3. Image no 3? Hmm... Every project that i did, normally having an angle view like this. This camera view is common and many people do this. In Fact, if i add more sun, cars etc., it can’t take more far, because the camview is only see the front view, but behind the building, it is not.

sketch idea

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