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Making of the Abandon Factory by Romi Valentino, Indonesia

All The textures are FREE, you can find in

With the size texture is average 3000x2000 to 6000x6000, you have nice, clean and detail texture. I also use Total Texture volume 2 Old and Rusk. This is some sample material I used


and during unwarp and put some grass, I am using advance painter script for grass from harry saksono (,and rock generator script for creating small stones, pebble and rock ( I am also making the environment accessories old factory in different scene file.

Why in different scene? Because my ram is only 12GB, its make me easier to control and I have more space to move or rotate. For the ivy, I use ivy generator, it’s simple, all you need is make your obj first, then export to obj, open in ivy generator, make adjustment, click birth then export as obj and merge the scene.


Because I have a concept for the night scene too, I made the sketch for light spot. The light use vray light sphere type and plane type. To make the light visible, you can uncheck invisible button in vray-light modifier so the light is appear in you render.


And finally, settings. These are the settings and nothing special here. The settings I used is for morning scene.


This is the Vray render element that I used. I use vray render element to get more good result in post pro.


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