Ambient Occlusion with Alpha
by Charanjeev Sawhney Web:

This tutorial is for all my 3d artist friends out there & it’s all about using ambient occlusion in 3ds max with the help of just mental ray. Ambient occlusion is a widely used pass in industry level these days. There are many different ways to do this, but as per my experience with bigger scenes generally people facing lots of problems for eg. Crashing of scenes, alphas not generated properly for plants or any opaque objects or else which plug‐in to use & how? Lately I came across a better & crash proof technique using mental ray. Let’s start with a simple scene of 3ds max. Below I have a simple scene set up with 3 planes & a box.

Let’s say, I have some different materials applied to all the different objects & my planes have two different leaves textures with alpha in the scene as shown below.

Now open the render scene, setup option & change the renderer from default scanline to mental ray renderer. Open the material editor, click on an empty slot. Then click on the Get material & add ambient\reflective occlusion map.

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