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Making of the Angelina Jolie by Antonio Bonora  alias Lumacone10, Italy

Angelina Jolie Making

After having collected some pictures of the famous actress Angelina Jolie, I decided to use some of them for  giving life to my homonymous creation Angelina Jolie. Before starting the phase of modeling it was important to take a moment to observe properly the features of this beautiful actress, above all of her cheekbones which are very particular and pronounced.

angelina references

Starting from the two references, front and lateral view, I modeled the lowpoly face, imported into ZBrush  and increased the subdivision level by 2 steps.

Then, I could concentrate on adding details to critical areas of morphology like mouth, nose, bowed eyebrows,  eyes and ears. During the working process, I pay attention to maintain a clean and morphologically correct mesh and to avoid  disharmony, in order to permit an efficient modeling in ZBrush without too many difficulties.

I added loops only on the more important areas, to have a more manageable mesh for the modeling.

As you can see, I added only one additional iteration, obtaining a density which satisfied me. I obtained the  bump map from the diffusion texture.

zbrush model

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