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Making of Balloon Race by Matej Hradsky, Ireland

balloon race

Hi, this is my first tutorial and I hope this will be helpful to some people and I repay my depth to the 3D community :-). Maybe I will give sometimes very basic hints, but the idea of this piece was based on basic 3d techniques with some old school poly modelling. From the beginning I wanted to keep it really simple and find a new style for myself in which I could later do some other artworks.

As always I had an idea for a character in my head so I done some sketching as a base for the design of the character.  It’s not very detailed but with some references that I found before I had clear idea of what i want to achieve.


I didn’t go in the details I knew it will bea lot of designing as the work in progress.


With my 2d sketch and references on my screen and clear idea in my head I started to “sketch” in 3D. I started from the box using mostly the Graphite tools: Swift Loop and Connect.

-This goes for all Graphite tools if you want to know how they work just leave your cursor on the icon for a moment, it show you all the shortcuts, it will maybe seem a lot in the beginning but after some time, all modeling is much easier with those tools.


I moved the Polygons/vertexes around to quickly create the head shape. Concentrating just on the shape, not on the meshflow.


Normally that’s just start for me but in this case I was very happy with the shape and general expression so this was almost the final shape. What it needed now was just right face topology. So I used this mesh as base on which I build the final mesh. The sketch mesh really helped me to keep it rough and edgy.

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