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How to create the Beard on a Face by Aziz Khan, Afghanistan

create the beard

Hello there, Welcome, in this tutorial we will learn how to create facial hair for our character using 3ds max hair and fur modifier, this modifier gives you the freedom to create realistic hair and fur for your projects which I could say is fantastic, there is few more ways to add hair for your characters but this is more hassle free once you get to understand it, thanks to Autodesk for this great addition since few previous versions.

1- fire up your 3ds max bring the character you want to experiment, since this is about to create facial hair for our character, so you have to select the faces where you want to grow hair from the face area, as you could see I have selected the faces where I want to grow hair from his face.


2- It's time to detach the selected faces to have more control over the selected polygons, to bring them to the right shape by moving its vertices, now with polygon still selected from your ribbon or from editable poly option hit detach.


3- From the detach pop-up do as in the image showing below.

facial hair

4- Now as you can see we have copy of our detached polygons


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