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Making of Beauty on the Bed
by Prashant Suyal, India

making of beauty on the bed

Greetings!! First of all I would like to thank CGArena to provide us this wonderful contest. I created this image in the 3D challenge and won the first prize sponsored by Pixologic, Craft animations, Softimage, cmiVFX, Eat3D, Polyboost and . And many thanks to my friend “Uday” who helped me in creating this making off.

Concept and Sketches

It was obvious that a female character was an ideal subject. I knew I wanted to create a girl with an imposing beauty. As I am a huge fan of Lara Swift’s photography and there was one particular photograph named endlessly in my collection really boosted my inspiration and motivated me to start.


I started modeling a low poly female character in 3ds Max. After that I began to tweak, change proportions and generally fine-tune the model. I usually try to have the polygons evenly distributed on the model, and sometimes I also add some edge loops into the areas that I know will hold more detail when I move onto sculpting in ZBrush.


UV Mapping

After my base mesh was done, then I started unwrapping the mesh. I used pelt mapping for my character. Below I have explained how we can unwrap the mesh using pelt.

uv mapping

Here is an example to Unwrap by Pelt Mapping

1. Select point to point seam in the Map parameter rollout of UVUnwrap ‘then select two points on the mesh which will define the seam from where you want to unfold.

pelt mapping

2. Select all the required faces, select pelt in edit pelt option under command panel. Rotate the stretcher and start simulating and use relax to reduce the distortion further.

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