Chair Modeling - Spline Technique by Florence Design Academy

chair spline modeling

This is a basic tutorial of the Florence Design Academy to understand how to use the SPLINES effectively in the field of Interior/Furniture Design. This tutorial is based only on splines. It is very important that your chair has the correct dimensions, otherwise the rendering with Mental Ray will not be optimal. Let's begin our tutorial.

Create a rectangle in the TOP view. Make a right mouse button click (RMC) on it and choose convert to editable spline.

Select the segments like shown in the image below and press the button DIVIDE. Put the number 2 in the textbox and click on the button DIVIDE. This will create 2 additional vertexes on each selected segment.

Select all vertexes and click with right mouse button. Now choose CORNER (there are 4 different types of vertexes: Corner, Smooth, Bezier and Bezier Corner). This step will make the next steps easier.

Now select the vertexes like shown in below step 1 and move them down and left to get the shape of step 2. After this step select the vertexes of step 2 and move them right to get the shape of step 3. The end result seems to be a flipped letter C.

Important: remember that in the front view you see only one side of the chair. Make always a REGION selection to be sure that you are selecting the vertexes on both sides of the chair.

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