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Making of a Cop by Ruslan 'ars', Russia Portfolio:

making of cop

Hi everyone, this is a short making of my pic 'a cop'. There is no secret that every project starts from searching for references. So, I goggled a little and found some really serious American guys. The left picture in the top row with a Real McKenzie's is my favourite of course. My idea was to make a series of images with a similar huge-head characters and one-style environments with box-stylized forms of the objects. Not all of them are ready for now; maybe I'll finish all of them someday. But actually I guess it will never happen :)



I'm not going too deep into the modelling process cuz it's pretty simple here. I have nothing to say about environment modelling; mostly it's just slightly modified cubes. As for the character I did a base mesh in 3ds max and then made some refinements in ZBrush, mostly for clothes. I didn't want to make a rig for face and decide to do a morph targets.

For this reason I copied my base mesh and sent it to ZBrush right away (it must be at the same position as the original mesh, otherwise it won't work). I did just 4 morph shapes, it was more than enough to combine them in morpher and get the expression I needed. It's even possible to make something absolutely crazy, like below. After that I did a character setup with CAT skeleton and skin modifier. Morpher must be under skin modifier in the modifier stack. Unwraps were done with a help of great UV master plug-in inside a ZBrush.




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