Kingdom of Fruits
by Anush Tehrani, Iran Web:

Hi Everyone, I want to show you how I created this Image using 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and render in V-ray. I got the idea from a 2d logo of a company. My goal was to show the fruits and the Company Logo in a user friendly way, with the best modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering methods. I like the final result and I hope you like it too and find it useful. This was the first reference I had, the 2d logo: 


We will start with a sphere from standard primitives -> Click sphere and create in the top viewport and change value of segments to 50. Again in top viewport make a cylinder. The radius is optional we will change it later and choose height: 8, height segments: 20, cap segments: 70 and sides 100 - be sure to check the smooth.

Add a bend modifier to the cylinder and for the angle type 55, bend axis x and check limit effect with a value of 500. (Maybe it’s different for your unit’s setup) put the sphere right on the cylinder like image below: (In place of cylinder you can also take a plane and bend it, bending is necessary to create a stage without showing a two edges meet area. This procedure also use in the studio lighting)

Convert the sphere to editable poly - and click on + sign to open the subs , then select the Polygon in the options and then start selecting the polygons on sphere like I did, don’t forget to check the Ignore Backfacing checkbox in polygon selection rollout to avoid accidentally selection of behind polygons of sphere.

Click Inset in Edit Polygons Rollout and inset the selected polygons. Delete those selected polygons and select the polygons on the edges with hold down Ctrl Key on your keyboard and inset them again…

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