Hand Modeling
by Hatice Bayramoglu Web: www.3d2dizayn.com

hand modeling

This tutorial will describe you how I modeled my hand model from a sketch. The method I used here is polygonal modeling. As you can see I have a hand sketch from an anotomy book and start the modeling process using the hand sketch as a blueprint, you should do the same.

Lets start with a circle which shown in the following picture. It doesn’t matter what you are using for modeling (it may be a box or a cylinder).  

hand sketch

Convert it to editable poly and Extrude. And change the parameters as you can see. Just follow the screenshots.

Select the upper and bottom polygons and delete them. Then select the border and hold down the ShiftKey and drag it.

And scale the edges so they can match the image.

Select the edges and click the Ring button.

hand edges

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