Illumination Tutorial for Industrial/ Product/ Furniture Design by Mario Malagrino, Italy

Assign to the spline a "lathe" modifier from the modifier list. You will see that you will create an object similar to a tube. Go to the modify panel and increase the segment number to have a smoother shape. Now go to Degrees and put 180° in the slot.

Both of these two objects are really useful. It is your choice which one to use for your renderings.

Create a teapot on the environment-object (in the room) and create a simple skylight. Remember that the illumination direction of the skylight can't be changed, i will ALWAYS come from the top.

For now you can leave the standard multiplier value=1. To be able to render correctly with a skylight you must enable final gather in Mental Ray (without final gather the skylight will not work)

For the first test rendering put a low number like 40 in the Final Gather Samples slot (in Max 9 you must use the Rays per FG point slot). Make now a test rendering. You should have the same result like below image. Tip for test render: a smaller render size will allow you to have a shorter render time.

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