Model a Golden Jaguar Statue
by Antti Lehtinen, Finland Web:

Step 24: Finalize the model and add Meshsmooth modifier to it. Set the Iterations value in Meshsmooth modifier to 2. The model should now look approximately like in picture below

Gold Material - We are going to create a simple gold material for the statue.

Step 25: Create a gold material for the model:
  • Select Standard material and change the shader from Blinn to Metal
  • Select RGB (203,189,114) as Ambient and Diffuse color
  • Set Specular Level to 80 and Glossiness to 60
  • Use Raytrace as Reflection map (Amount 40) and Noise as Bump Map (Amount 140)
  • Use REFMAP.GIF as Background map of the Raytrace
  • Set both U and V texture tiling of REFMAP.GIF to 2,0.

Modify the Noise according to picture below. Suitable value for Size depends on the size of your model so you might need to try different values.

Apply the material to your model and render the image. The rendered image should look like in picture below. Notice the reflections of REFMAP.gif and the effect of the Bump Map.


At the moment the scene uses the default lighting of 3DS MAX. Let's create a little more interesting lighting for the final rendering. Create four lights according to picture below.
  1. Key Light
    This is Target Directional light and it's the main light source:
    Intensity: 0,8
    Shadows: On
  2. Fill Light
    This is Omni light which illuminates important areas that the key light can't reach:
    Intensity: 0,4
  3. Back Light / Rim Light
    This is Omni light which creates a rim of light to the right side of the model:
    Intensity: 0,6
  4. Back Light / Rim Light
    This is Omni light which creates a rim of light to the left side of the model:
    Intensity: 0,6

Here is the final rendered image. Here you can read more about a three-point lighting setup

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