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create leather material

Leather is one of the most used materials in the field of Furniture design. Especially for the design of sofas or couches. It is quite easy to obtain a good leather material. The leather material quality strongly depends on the illumination in your scene.

Before you start to create the leather in the material editor you must first analyze exactly the type of leather that you want to simulate in 3ds Max. After this step go to choose an image which has the pattern/texture of the real leather. Here below in image you can see an examples of images/maps which allow us to create a perfect leather texture in the material editor. The first one is a simple image of a scanned paper, the second one is made with Photoshop.

leather textures


Let's see the steps to create leather.

First go to add the correct specular highlights. You must analyse the real leather and simulate the same glossiness and specular level in the material editor. There are no standard values. This settings depend on the type of leather and also on the illumination. If your light is very bright, you will have a very strong specular highlight in the rendering. To avoid this you must set a lower amount in the specular level slot. Choose in the diffuse slot the colour of your leather material.

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