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Making of Classic Living Room by Roger Vilà Castañé, Spain

classic living room

This is my first Making Of; it was a personal challenge in which I wanted to learn everything possibly refers to interiors. I will try to briefly explain the process of creating my image “Classic Living Room “. I used 3dsmax for the main development of the image and V-Ray as renderer. Also use the Adobe Photoshop for creating the textures and giving the final touch in the end.

Inspiration and References

Like any challenge, it's almost a basic good references because this depend on your source of inspiration or good development.

So start looking for more images of interior’s until I find which I like. I take my freedom when creating my image and I started my challenge calm but slowly, being constant, and if you give few hours every day then you can be make great achievements.



Most of the modeling of the scene was done by converting the boxes into editable poly, splines with modifier lathe and makes the splines rendereable with thickness…

I started modeling the room which would place all the objects.

Once the perspective is clear and situation of the windows like I can see in the reference image, I began to shape the objects created from simple geometries.

For each object has its own way of making it easier and faster, for example lamps have been created with a spline and then applied the lathe modifier to its base and extruded, beveled the splines.


For frames and mirrors, created the rectangular extruded splines and then converted in to editable poly, selecting the primary face and making an inset that determines the size of the frame, and finally select the side of the center of the frame and extruded inwards.

The speakers, creating a base box and part of the fabric of the speaker a simple spline extruded and feet basic shapes like cylinders with a chamfer added after converting in to editable poly.

The tables are also converted to Editable Poly and moving some vertices here and there.

The fireplace with boxes, cylinders and a plane for a glass, finally converted as usual to editable poly and done a compound object pro boolean to make a hole in the visor and some chamfer to round off after applying the meshsmooth.

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