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Understanding Rendering and Lighting of Living Room
by Maxim A. Ganzha, Russia Web:

Hello everybody, my name is Maksim Ganzha, after many requests from my friends I decided to write a little article about how I’m creating my interiors.  We will look through the process of rendering of one of my last work with super lighting and gorgeous composition =), which I made in Mental Ray. 

Did you ever think why some interior works in galleries are more interesting than others? The main secret is in beautiful lights settings and stylish composition. That’s exactly what we will talk about in this article.   

We will not describe the process of modeling because in this case the article would become too long and boring. Let’s start with the rendering!

Lights Setting and Adjustments

At the beginning let’s open our scene and choose Mental ray render from the list of our available renders. Open the scene.


Go to the render settings by clicking F10. In "Assign renderer" section Press the "Choose renderer" button and choose Mental Ray from the list.

mental ray

After choosing the renderer, in materials and maps browser the mental ray’s shaders and materials would became available.  Choose the material called "Arch & Design" and adjust the diffuse colors like this: the color of diffuse RGB is about 0,8 0,8 0,8, the other adjustments you can see in screenshot. Also I would like to note that you shouldn’t forget to switch on the "Ambient Occlusion" in your materials.  With this adjustment the shades would look more realistic and in corners of your scene the darkness which is peculiar to realistic lighting would appear. I put the value of "Max Distance" equal approximately 3 meters (this is the distance between the floor and ceiling).

material map browser

Open the render setup. In "Translator Options" section switch on the Material Override enable and put our gray material in material slot.  With this option we will fill in all our objects in scene with one material. This would help you and your system to adjust lighting easier. The render would be fast. Materials of all objects in our scene will describe later. 

material editor

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