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Making of Loft by Jan K. Vollmer Web:

making of loft

Hey everybody and welcome to my making of of my latest work "Loft". I used 3Ds Max 2012 design and Vray 2. Also Adobe Photoshop for color correction. First of all I setup 3ds Max before I start. I set the Max internal unit scale to centimeters to make it easier with the dimensions like in the real world.


I use the Linear Work Flow (LWF) and set it like this. Go to preferences and gamma. Here I set the Max gamma to 2.2 and also the import/export to 2.2. Last I set the material editor settings also to 2.2 to see the effect directly in the materials.


The LOFT itself I created with box modeling. Therefore I created a box in the dimension of a long room. In this case it is like a long cube. I convert it to an editable poly and work with the "connection" and "inset" to create the windows and walls.
At least I used the shell modifier to create the depth of the walls especially for the windows. Here is the final loft.


I also added a smaller ceiling for a later indirect light.

Floor Generator

To create a nice and realistic looking wooden floor I used the great script from CG Source ( Also I used the Wood Floor textures from CG Source for the texturing. At least the Multi Texture script is a must! ( I just did it like described in the tutorial on CG Source. Just play with the settings in the Multitexture script to create a nice wood floor effect. Here are my settings for Diffuse, Reflection and Glossiness.

floor generator


wood floor

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