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Making of Nasir al Molk Mosque by Farrokh Tabande, Iran


Hello everyone, Here I want to explain how I made the interior shot of this beautiful Iranian mosque. Please remember this is not the best or the fastest way to make It, It’s just the way I made It!

This is a 200 years old mosque that is located in my home town (Shiraz) and I had the ability to go there and collect any data for modeling and texturing process. So I started to take the pictures and collect all the data that could help me during the modeling and texturing process.

I started to read a book about Iranian architectural geometry to understand every aspect of the shapes; it was so helpful for me! Then I measured all the dimensions of this building.



First of all done the modeling of the stone columns using loft with 2 shapes and the scale parameter of loft. After that I used a helix to model the twists of the columns. For the lower details I used an spline and added a lathe modifier. Upper detailing is completely done through texture.

There are some lines in the ceiling that holds the weight of the domes (they are called “kar Bandy” in the Iranian architecture).


I used a spline and array around the center of the domes to create them (they were renderable splines so I didn’t have to define UV’s for them).

It was surprising for me that they were so precise in 3D world that I could trim them!

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