Project Setup/Management and Quality Assurance for Small Business

Anselm v. Seherr - Thoß, Germany

This tutorial is dedicated to freelancers and technical directors in smaller companies who aren´t blessed with an alienbrain server and haven't set up Asset Tracking yet. It covers Project Setup with a VERY handy slightly modified script by Ross Marshall (Visit him and give him a big hug at: and quality assurance for a consistent production if you take some steps to heart. Download Scripts used in the tutorial.

Before you head into a new project there are several steps which are worth to spend some time on.

Very first step should be a consistent file structure you use for EVERY project. This is to make sure every file is in the right folder so it´s easy for others come to grips with your work.

Project Setup

This is a Project Setup script similar to MAYA´s. It was originally written by Ross Marshall and then slightly modified by me.

It creates a folder structure which makes sense to me and my projects. It even creates subfolders!

I use it for EVERY project so that Maps e.g. ALWAYS land in the “Maps” folder. Same goes for Scene files, Transfer DATA like OBJs, FBX or 3DS. So it´s easy for others to find my maps and stuff ;)

Tip: Customer DATA like emails which aren´t intended for everyone´s eyes can be password protected. There are a few tools for that around on the net…just protect the “Customer-Data” folder ;)

That´s the folder structure the script creates. Now let´s edit some Paths in Max:

Maxstart.max and Max configuration

Click the Modify Button and edit the new Paths so they direct to your new Project.

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