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Sofa Modeling by Mahmoud Keshta, Egypt Web:

Sofa Modeling

This video tutorial is created by artist Mahmoud Keshta in 3ds max 2009. This tutorial is divided in two parts and the total lenght of this video tutorial (without sound) is 70 minutes. This will explain you how you can model this stylish modern leather sofa inside 3ds max. This is very detailed and step by step shown video tutorial which will explain you everything without the need of sound.

If you are on slow internet connection or want to keep this video tutorial for future viewing then you can download the video tutorial from CGArena forum. You need to register (free) to download this and many other video tutorials. Don't forget to leave your comments and critiques which help us in improving the future videos and artist also like to hear your likes and dislikes of the tutorial. Download Video

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