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Making of the Korean Actress "Song Hye Kyo"
by Max Edwin Wahyudi, Indonesia

Song Hye Kyo

Hello, My name is Max Edwin Wahyudi, and here I will tell you about the making of 'Song Hye Kyo' the Korean actress in 3dsmax.

The Head

First of all, I started by collecting her pictures for reference, but because the lack of good images of her in the internet I decided to grab the images from one of her movies.

Then I used zbrush to start making the face with traditional method. After I think It looked good, I exported the mesh into 3DMax for rendering. And as I expected, the face likeness was lost in the transition between Zbrush and 3D max. The reason was because of the perspective distortion and maybe the lightning.

So, The next step was recreating the scene into 3D max based on the reference pictures.

The scene 1 camera was located that far away because I realized that they're zooming into the face at the time. The lightning is using photometric lights with Final Gather and Global Illumination.

After that, it's all about tweaking the model to match the reference pic. I also used couple more views other than those three to ensure the accuracy.

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