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Making of Alfa Romeo Competizione C8 Spyder Studio by Arturo Garcia, Mexico

alfa romeo car

My name is Arturo Garcia, living in Mexico City Federal District, I am freelance modeler, I have little more than a year of experience and I am specializing in the automotive sector, as you can see much remains to be done but I still working towards it.

The project Alfa Romeo C8 Spyder started as a personal challenge to improve my techniques of modeling and rendering. The modeling of cars has always attracted me and I am specializing in this, I have some car models and treatment of each model finished better than previous one.

If you are thinking why I choose this model because from the very first time I saw in a car magazine I'm attracted to its forms, so I decide to bring this gorgeous in the world of 3d. I start my work by searching for all possible references of this model which does not take me long as there are many very good images are available on the internet.

Unfortunately I can’t find out the pictures of the Spyder model and instead use the pictures of the hard roof model, once collected the reference material I take three images to create the blue prints from which I start the modeling.

Modeling - Start putting the blueprints in the viewports, front view, side view, rear view. I don’t have any top image reference so I modeled that without any reference image.


All the parts of the car, modeled using the polygonal modeling technique. I started with the front bumper.

polygonal modeling

I started with a plane of a single face and convert into Editable Poly mesh.

editable mesh

The plane is placed in front view and selecting the edge side, I started extruding from left along the lines of the car and based on the blueprint of the front view. With the upper edge, I took this upward towards the hood so, I was shaping the body of the model.


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