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Making of Star Wars Fan Film Poster by David Munoz Velazquez Web:

star wars fan film poster


This image is a work for a Star Wars fan short movie, called Star Wars: The Holo Experience or SW: THX. Most of the designs were made with some guidelines from the director, but I had a lot of freedom as well. The director also provided me with the AT-ST vehicle and Moto Jet model, because they had to be on the poster.

The Making Of shows some steps for the design of the scene and changes made for promotional reasons, the model construction, the image passes and other assets and props.

Starting the General Design

I started by coming up with different concepts and designs, first painting and the moving onto modeling until the idea of the scout trouper was established. Once the model was finished, I did some more research to help develop the final look, painting over the image and using less geometry to speed up the process, and then I showed it to the director.



The Model Construction

The figure started from a ZBrush human model. I modeled the general look while taking care over the geometry and topology.




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