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Making of Tree Room by Luis Ramos, Brazil Web:

making of tree room

Hi everyone! In this making of I’ll try to show you the process of making the “Tree Room” image. First of all I started to look for some references on Japanese rooms and trees because that was the style I wanted to reproduce. In this stage I also look for light and texture references.


After study the references, I started to block the scene with simple shapes just to get an idea of the overall look and composite.


After deciding the position of the objects in the scene, I started to refine the modeling of the room such as doors, roof and details of the ground. Then I jumped to ZBrush to start working on the main tree.

tree branches

After adding the leafs on the tree using mental ray proxies to make things faster I duplicated the tree to make a smaller but identical copy of it (that’s the idea), and putted it inside a vase that stands on the top of the mobile on the right of the room.

After that the modeling stage was completed so I started to lighting up the scene. The light setup is very very simple. The main light comes from outside and an extra light was added just to add some volume information on the right of the tree.

I created a standard skylight outside and a mr Sky Portal by the door using the skylight as color source. The light on the right is a rectangle free light.


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