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Making of The Wolf Brigade by Thibault Claeys, Canada Web:


Hello everyone! In this tutorial I will take you through the steps in the creation of my «Wolf Brigade» illustration. Strangely, I did not make some concept or sketches to make this. I just started and that's it.

First of all, before any modeling I setup the scale of the environment like this. In the unit setup, I use the centimeters and 1 unit is 1cm. Then I make a biped with the size of 180cm.


I always use the same technique, I made a spline cage, with the surface modifier apply on it and with an edit poly apply on it I can make changes difficult to realize with the spline. It's important to have 3 or 4 splines connected togheter to have a good result or just to have the modifier surface work.


Here is the result after some pieces creation and some edit poly apply on it.


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