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Making of the Young Girl
by Viki Yeo, Korea

young girl

Introduction - Hi everybody! My name is Viki Yeo. I'm from Korea and I'm a character artist for games. I am going to show you how I created my image “Young girl”. I used 3ds Max 2008, ZBrush, Mental ray, Photoshop CS2 and reference images by

Concept - This model is a girl who is Petra. When I saw her, she is a very sad girl. So, I decided to create a sad girl.


Modeling - I created a base mesh in 3ds Max. I began making the base mesh, just doing the minimum required.

After I imported the base mesh, I sculptured the details using ZBrush.


The displacement map has been created and saved as a 16 bit grayscale TIFF file in ZBrush.

I brought the mesh and displacement map in 3ds Max again. When apply displacement map, do not forget to check "Use Existing Mapping", Switch on Luminance Center and put some strength.

I add the Shell and turbosmooth modifier to sweater.


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