Z4 Unleashed by Mohamed Abuyhia, Egypt

The snatch of this car was and binding by chains, but Z4 can breaking this chain, so Z4 unleashed.

Hello, my name is Mohammed Abuyhia from Alexandria Egypt. This is the first time for me in the cars modeling and I thought that it was complicated but after trying this I found it so simple so, I did this tutorial which rapidly explain how I format the car, textures, materials and the rendering lastly.

Before Start

Before start talking on any thing firstly I have to select high quality blueprints and as usual cut into the Photoshop, and this what you found in most of the tutorials, but I will add an important and small notice, after put the blueprints inside the 3d max appear as below.

Then you will notice that it is deformed so we have to follow this: Open the menu Customize and select Preferences then Viewports and choose the following settings.

Now blueprints will appear like below...

Select all planes and then Right click, select Object Properties & then cancel "show frozen in gray" then do activation to the selection Freeze


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