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Making of the Alien Nature by Pascal Raimbault, New Zealand Web:

alien nature

Here is a making that I have been writing to explain a little bit about my workflow to create the picture called "Alien Nature".

Here is the first step of the design process. I like to paint my designs first in 2d and forget about any 3d limitations.. freedom!!!! I am basically painting rough shapes in Corel Painter to get the proper profile without paying attention to any kind of details. Then I add outlines to get a more defined profile.

concept sketch
Adding volumes and color on character. Adding also more details in the lines. The creature must look like it is part of his environment, doesn't need to have human features. It breathes through open lungs, I want to add a fragile side. This creature is old and could break easily. Leafy aspect.
After trying different skies from photos I took in Wellington, I decided to go with a sun rise. Added a few foreground elements to get a frame, and help with the composition of the picture. The idea is to stick with it when doing the 3d version.

final sketch

Using Maya and renderman for Maya, I am now modeling the scene in 3d quickly. I use the artwork as a background image to match in Maya. I usually set the imageplane to be in front of the geometry and animate the alpha channel from frame 1 to 10 to quickly check the model against the artwork. By doing this first quick 3d pass, we get a good idea of how many assets I will need to build, I can easily tweak the depth of the image if needed and play with a temp comp to know which part will be out of focus / in the fog.

lowpoly in 3d

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