Making of the Standing Beauty
by Asan Umerov, Ukraine

making of the beauty

Inspiration - I really like the photography. In this work created for CGArena challenge themed beautiful and won the third prize, I tried to reproduce the style of classical black-and-white photographs. Slightly looking at the Google and I found a few suitable images. [Warning: this making contains the CG Nudity]

Start - In this small project overview I will try to explain the steps taken to create this image. At first I have drawn the fast sketch by hand. Has opened it in a Photoshop, and very roughly finished the basic light-to-dark transitions.


Modeling - The aim was to make the low poly model in a T-shaped position. I really like the blocking modeling technique. This is where modeling start from simple form and the details refined as necessary. The body, hands and feet, I did separately and then when the general form was ready I combined them together. Modeling began with the octahedral cylinder, and then refined details as required.


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