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Making of Little Bunny by Rafael Chies, Brazil Web:

little bunny


This project started in a moment of free time at the studio where I’m working. As a Generalist I wanted to do an image where I can study a little bit of every aspect of a project.

For me the hardest part was to decide what to create, so after spending sometime on thinking, I figured out that I wanted to do a weird cartoon, and then how this bunny started to "born"...


As I knew that my target would be a weird cartoon so I started to plan the psychological profile of the character: He doesn't like anyone, doesn't have friends, he is evil... He's a creepy badass.

Defining this profile would be easier to think how he would be physically: have to get a huge mouth with threatening tooth that could easily hurt somebody, a swollen belly, probably full of maggots and apparently about to explode. His skin is wrinkled, specially his face. His legs and arms are thin and small to be more cartoon and comical. Actually he lost one of his legs in some mess...

And to finish, his eyes would be black to complete the weirdness of the character.


At this moment I wasn't thinking about his color palette, so I don't waste time and right started to model the bunny.


The model was done in Maya and the details in ZBrush. I usually start blocking the overall forms with some cubes and really simple structures, this help me a lot to decide and change the proportions.


All the models were done with box modeling and I started with the head and the body that are basically the same thing, after this I made the arms and legs. I use to let the hands and feet as the final step of the base modeling..

For the teeth I made basically two patterns: one for the canines and one for all the other. I opened the UV of these two models and then I made some changes to break the patterns.

bunny model

As the base mesh was done I opened the UVs. I usually do with programs like UVLayout or Unfold3D which makes the process pretty easier and quick.


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