Maya: Lighting Videos - Part 4

Lighting video tutorials

In this Maya Lighting tutorial series by we will post 18 video tutorials on regular intervals, so you can learn everything about maya lighting as learning in a class, this is a fourth part of the series and including this we already posted 13 video tutorials. After following these tutorials you’ll be comfortable with the Lighting in Maya. Please install the Quicktime plugin to watch these tutorials. Those users not able to watch the tutorials in Firefox 3, they can watch these tutorials in IE 7, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.

After full streaming of tutorials you can also download the tutorial like other quicktime tutorials. Hope you will enjoy these tutorials.

Changing the look of a scene: 14.0 MB

Shadow Fall-Off: 11.00 MB

Light Glow: 34.0 MB

Directional Light Glow: 8.58 MB

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