Making of Cheese Platter
by Hau Ming (Jamie) Li, USA


Hi, my name is Hau Ming (Jamie) Li and this will be my first tutorial so I will try to explain how I did this Cheese Platter the best that I can.

I created this Cheese Platter using Autodesk Maya 8.5 and Adobe Photoshop. It is actually a photo concept derived partially from the image on right.

Originally, I was told to create this based on the original reference, but I feel the point of Shading and Lighting is to show off your texturing skills and give it better lighting if possible. As you can see, the lights are overblown in the original picture. So I added more stuff like blue cheese, cheese cubes, brie cheese, almonds and crackers to make it busier and at the same time, make it look like a painting.


It is always good to have more than one reference to look at when modeling and texturing. Try to find ones that you can purchase and have it in front of your face when modeling and texturing. This is because the pictures you grab online can have bad lighting, be pixilated, or not contain enough details.

Here are some of the references I used.


For the strawberries, I modeled one in NURBS and converted it to Polygons. I checked the normals and then reversed the normals (very important, but I will explain later), then UV mapped it.

For the strawberry leaves, I used Polygon planes and the append tool. I shaped it with a lattice, and then UV mapped it.

For the bowl, I used a NURBS CV curve, revolved it, and then used the rebuild command on the surface.

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