Dome Based Lighting
by Aziz Khan, Afghanistan

Hello everyone and welcome to Dome Based Lighting tutorial, in this tutorial I will show you how to light up your scene using dome based lighting with Maya 8.0, I love this technique because it’s very fast in rendering and you can save lot of your time using this method.

So let’s get started… what I mean launch Maya and or if you already running make sure you have new fresh scene.

1. For this tutorial I will render my mini (Fiat Punto) car which is shown below, you can use any object regardless.

2. Now go to top viewport and created a plane with the height and width of 50X50 like the image below.

3. Still in the top viewport create a sphere with the radius of 25 and subdivisions of 40X40 as in the image showing below.

4. Turn your viewport to side and then right click on the sphere then from popup menus choose (Face) like the image indicating right below.

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