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Making of Fatjon's Performance
by Qu Yu Cheng, China

making of Fatjon performance

Hi, I am Qu Yu Cheng, my net ID used to be TJ75, or Sofaman. Here I would like to share my foundation of CG work, Fatjon’s performance, with all my friends.

First of all, I have to say I love Fatjon’s music, full of magic. When he was on the performance stage, you could feel how earnest he was with mysterious amazing atmosphere around him. So I thought the process of his music creation ought to be very wonderful. To express how I feel on him and his music, I focused on how to sculpt some details on him, such as his hands, referenced with many DJ’s photos. Also I did thought it is very important how to make him look more natural with musician’s particular pose. Someone maybe think he looks too much serious even a little inflexible, in fact I need to express he devoted himself into deep thinking. As to the image background, I use some particles and fogs with blue and red light to show some mysterious atmosphere, that’s a main image of Fatjon in my mind as well.

Step 1: I begun with his head.

fatjon head

Step 2: After his head, I made his main body in Low-res mesh with right proportion.

Step 3: After body’s low-res mesh, I export it into ZBrush to sculpt the details.

fatjon body

Step 4: When the high-res mesh almost done, I import the disc assets into ZBrush, to alter the character’s pose more properly, including the whole body.

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