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Making of Ganesha - God of Wisdom by Hemant Dangare, India

making of ganesha

I grew up in a simple family that was very devoutly religious. Ganesha was our main deity. Being an Indian I always knew that every religious function, festive celebration or holy or new endeavor began with the invocation of Ganesha, the god with the face of an elephant. So it is, as I now feel, a very obvious progression for me that further in my life when I grew up to become a CG modeler, my first choice would be to model him. One can see it as my humble offering to the divine power.

When I finally summed up enough courage to begin this gigantic work, I decided that I wanted to create a detailed statue of lord Ganesha, which would simultaneously also evoke his divinity. I wanted to sculpt him and bring him out the way I grew up seeing him in my mind, which made the effort much more difficult. But as they say “if you think you can, you can” …so began the journey.

Before I started to model, I went through lots of reference images of Ganesha idol. After having studied them, I did some basic doodling and finally came up with what I have modeled.

The entire model was primarily done in Maya. My life would have been easier if had I been using ZBrush for all the intricate detailing of the accessories, but I always wanted to enjoy the challenge of working with Maya.

I took a cube and started to roughly block out the shape of the body.


After I got the basic T pose shape, I fixed the second set of arms from the back of the shoulder in a way that it wouldn’t look disproportionate.


After blocking the body, I focused on the head and gradually brought it to shape and look that I had visualized.

ganesha head

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