Making of Gladiator
by Christopher ADAJAR, Paris

Making of Gladiator

Hello, this artwork created for CGArena 3d challenge where I won the second prize. This is the first contest where I joined and my first published artwork since I’ve started working as a 3D & Visual Effects Artist.

It took me a while like two years by developing my skills in doing 3D before I convinced myself to embrace and use it as my day to day activities. After that I found out that once you get into it, it’s difficult to back-out. Let me share my experience with you the best that I can during the process of this artwork.

Maya 2008 was the primary software I used by building the entire scene and Photoshop helps me a lot in compositing the rendered layers and of course After Effects gives me the opportunity by adding a preset effects like grains, light color enhancement, epical environment mood etc.....mainly composite my Zdepth pass with a high levels of control.

The first time I read about the challenge and having a theme ‘Ancient Time’ I was pretty sure that I will go on with the Gladiator concept, not just its ancient look, it is because I am a big fun of Gladiator movie and that was the key of making me very inspired with this challenge.


Render Passes

Here is the breakdown how I rendered the main characters using separate render passes, it’s always a good idea by rendering your image in layers its allowing your machine to handle the files and preparing your scene for an easy color adjustment with any compositing software you want.

This techniques has been applied to my entire scene, it’s pretty obvious that large scene is always advisable to break into a manageable chunks.

In order to get your shots into where they should be, once your entire scene has been set-up, make a separate file for your lights and camera set-up which is the one that you are going to import in each scene layers.

gladitor passes

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