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Making of The Green Redemption by Mostafa Talebi, Iran

green redemption

In this making I am going to discuss how my work "The Green Redemption" was completed. It took me twenty days of direct and indirect work to finish. Primarily I was amazed by a short part of Houdini 2012 Demo Reel where two people pass through a cave and the high-contrast illumination of the cave amazed me to make a displacement-based cave, however, being incorporated by a King Kong shot my initialization found its eventual route.


First of all, I made a very simple cubic model of the cave in Autodesk Maya, this wasn't the end of this phase, and I added a few divisions and sculpted (in Maya) it further to make a rough super low-res model.


objThen I imported the model into the Mudbox in OBJ format. I have not seen any sculpting process before, as to bring it into my project; I just used my own brain to cultivate the methods. I smoothed my model several levels up (five) and then begin to sculpt the major deformations, bulges and dips. Half done with direct sculpting, half the other was executed using maps.

Some stones were sculpted in this stage. I applied some directional modifications to enhance the wilderness of the appearance. The way I managed the details was different from a gallery work, since I thought of the days of a moving camera in the cave, where I would definitely have needed an overall distribution of the details (look at the right way in the cave near the column).

base model

After sculpting the major surficial variations over the cave, I went one level upper and added large detail such as crevices, fissures, cracks and clefts. Again I added another level and tweaked the details; this step brought all the finalization of the appearance of the cave surface, hugely significant. I used maps to add micro details to the surface and then still wanted to keep the whole thing manageable, however at some point it slipped a little uncontrollable. Eventually I came up with a rough surface similar to a cave. In the image below you see an image different from a noisy image, but it has three significant features that I looked for:

• Sized super high resolution, without any loss of data

• Being a real world image, meaning a natural gathering of the elements, such as noises which are not left alone like a computer generated noise, but it is on a rocky surface, and a rocky surface has its own fissures and cracks, cuts and continuations.

• As said above, it not only adds noisy details to your model but also primarily adds nice bulges and cuts to your model.



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