Making of Ingrid Bergman
by Max Edwin Wahyudi, Indonesia

Ingrid bergman

About Ingrid Bergman - At the age of 17, Ingrid Bergman auditioned for and was accepted to the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. During her first summer break, she was hired at a Swedish film studio, which consequently led to her leaving the Royal Dramatic Theater to work in films full time, after having attended for only one year. At the age of 21, she married a dentist, Petter Lindström (who would later become a neurosurgeon). In 1938, she gave birth to a daughter.

References - Finding good references is the key to making a good likeness, for that I always use screen captures from movies because sometimes you can find shots where the character turns and the camera distortion is always the same and predictable. The only drawback is the low image quality, but in my case it's totally fine because you can't find high resolution images of her anyway.

Modeling - I used an old base mesh and jump straight into ZBrush for tweaking. I keep the reference image open and tab between it and ZBrush when sculpting. It's a lot like life drawing, where you alternate between looking at your work and the model.

After I'm satisfied with the sculpt, I import the file into Maya and try to match the camera with my references then make a direct comparison in Photoshop by placing the two side by side. This process can take quite a while, especially if you are repeating the process with different reference images to make sure the model is accurate from multiple angles.

The eyes are important as a tracking point when matching your camera, since their size and location are usually the same on every human. So it’s generally a good place to use as reference, because you know with some certainty that it is one of your only constants.

Try to keep the textures as simple as possible, because otherwise they will interfere with the model.

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