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I was looking for a character to do for my reel and so I started looking on the net. Normally I have no idea what I want so I just look in flickr or other photo sites for good images. I found the image  of “Roney“ which was taken by carf, HERE. And I really liked it as an image and to show my skills as a 3d artist..So I searched more of his images (roney) which ever I can find. After gathering all of them I started to see If I can get a side view as well which helps me in modeling.


For this stage tried to make a basic kids face for him. And tried to get the silhouette for him. After getting the silhouette I bring it into Zbrush for filling in the details. I use ZBrush a lot because its less push and pull of points. It’s less technical because you don’t think about the line flow. This I import the Model in Maya again to see If I have pushed or pulled it too much.  Mainly I use the clay brush and pinch brush in ZBrush.

Texturing - The image I got was quite hi res and so I removed the shadows and highlights from it and made as clean as possible. I used Photoshop’s shadow/highlight for this. I then projected this on the face. And this was my initial result.

before Texture

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